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Q) Why do I need to register?

A) Registration allows you to set up a Username and Password, which ultimately protects your resumé information. Your registration also allows you to engage other site functions, such as the ability to create CareerAlerts! (up to 30) and maintain a personal job list. Your account allows you to store up to ten different versions of your resumé plus cover letters. Resumés and cover letters can be modified at any time.

It is highly recommended that you do not disclose your Username and Password to anyone; it is also advisable to change your Password on a regular basis.

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Q) How do I change my password?

A) To make changes to your password, e-mail address, name, or postal code, click on My Personal Info. Make any changes required and then click on Submit Registration to update.

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Q) How do I deactivate my account?

A) You may delete any of your saved information in your account such as your resumés, your job list, your CareerAlerts! etc, at any time.

To delete your account, please email

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Q) Why does my username & password work on

A) The technology on this site is provided by Workopolis, therefore registering on this site also provides you with membership to Note that the resumes you create and submit to a Bell career site will not be available on the site, nor to Workopolis' other clients; access to the information you provide via the Bell career sites is restricted to the Bell recruiting community.

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Q) How do I create a resumé?

A) Once registered, you may create and save up to 10 bilingual resumés. Click the Create New Resumé button in the My Resumés section to get started.

At a minimum, you are required to complete all mandatory fields, identified by an asterisk (*). You may also take advantage of the optional fields in the Job Preferences section. Then simply copy and paste a cover letter and/or resume in the fields provided.

Don't forget to give your resume a name!

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Q) How do I create a bilingual resumé?

A) Before saving your resumé, click the tab marked Français right above the Contact Information section. This will bring up the French template. Complete the information in French and hit the button marked Sauvegarder.

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Q) What is the best format to use for my resumé?

A) The best format for your resumé is Plain Text. Prior to copying and pasting your resumé, you should save-as in Plain Text format from your word processing application. Rich Text formats do not translate once your application is submitted. If you wish to maintain certain formats, you may do so with HTML tags. However, please note that your resumé is being evaluated on content not format. You are able to view how your resumé appears to employers by logging in to My Resumés and clicking on the preview icon to the right of the resumé name.

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Q) How do I know my application has been received?

A) You will receive an emailed acknowledgement that your resumé has been received. Any further communication will be a result of your skills and background matching a current hiring need, as determined by a Bell recruiter.

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Q) I have submitted my application but now realize that I made an error in the information that I provided. What should I do?

A) You aren't able to re-apply to a position, but you may update the information in your resumé in real-time. Simply go to My Resumes and click on the name of the resumé you wish to modify. The submitted version will automatically update once you save your changes.

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Q) How do I update my contact information?

A) Click on My Resumés and log in if required. Click on the name of the resumé to go to the Edit page. Just under the resumé name is a bar with the words: "Contact Information (fields marked with a * are required)". To the right of this is a button called Edit. Click on that and make your changes. Don't forget to hit Submit at the bottom of the page to save your changes! Your changes will automatically be reflected in all resumes that you have created and/or submitted.

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Q) How often are new job postings added?

A) New postings are added on an ongoing basis. Postings are sorted by posted date with most recent appearing at the top of the list. Another way to keep on top of new postings is to create a CareerAlert!

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Q) What is Smart Search?

A) Smart Search searches for words that I similar to the keywords you have entered as your criteria. . If you have the Smart Search box selected, a search for "professor" would also find "instructor"; a search for "programmer" would also find "developer." Smart Search uses our keyword thesaurus.

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Q) Can I apply for more than one position at a time?

A) You are encouraged to apply for any and all positions you are interested in. In addition, you may wish to save your resumé and mark it Public in the My Resumés section. By doing so, the entire Bell recruiting community can search and find your resumé.

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Q) What happens to my resumé once I have applied?

A) If you are applying to a specific job posting, your resumé will be automatically directed to the recruiter who is responsible for that posting. After proper evaluation of your skills and background, you may receive further communication from the assigned recruiter. Upon submission, your resumé will be accessible to the Bell recruiting community for a period of six months.

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Q) I don't see a posted opportunity that interests me. Can I submit my resumé for general consideration?

A) In the My Resumés section, you may create and save up to 10 bilingual resumés. By marking your resumé(s) as "Public", the entire Bell recruiting community will be able search and access it.

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Q) What is the difference between Public and Private?

A) Mark your resumé as Private when you want to restrict your resume to be viewed only as a part of the Bell applicant list, once you apply directly to a job. Mark your resumé as Public when you wish your resume to be available in Bell's general candidate database.

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Q) I have received an email message from a Bell recruiter as a result of an application I recently submitted. What is the best way to respond?

A) The best way to respond is to reply to the message you received; this ensures that your reply is automatically directed to the Bell recruiter who sent the message.

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Q) I am unable to apply on-line. What should I do?

A) Some job posting descriptions include an alternate application method, such as a fax number.

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Q) How many CareerAlerts! can I have?

A) You may create up to 30 separate CareerAlerts!

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Q) How long do my CareerAlerts! stay active?

A) Your Alert(s)! remain active until you decide to make them inactive or delete them.

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Q) I no longer wish to receive CareerAlerts! What can I do to make these messages stop?

A) You may, at any time, return to the CareerAlerts! section on the Bell career site and deactivate your existing CareerAlert(s)!.

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Q) Can I make modifications to my CareerAlerts?

A) You may, at any time, return to the CareerAlerts! section on the Bell career site and click on the Edit button of the CareerAlert! you would like to modify.

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Q) When I received my CareerAlert! the link was broken. How do I fix this?

A) This error usually occurs when a URL has been truncated due to your email system. You can tell if this has happened if the link for the job posting is not completely highlighted and underlined, and has wrapped around to the next line. To fix this, you need to cut and paste the entire URL into an active browser window.

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Q) I'm having a technical problem with the site. Who should I contact?

A) Please email your question(s) to We can certainly help you with any technical problems you're experiencing on the Bell career pages.

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